A Bus Driver Is Fired for Relieving Himself Next to his Vehicle in Phnom Penh

Cheng Chetra, a former Phnom Penh City Bus Authority driver, is shown Thursday relieving himself. Photo: Phnom Penh City Bus Authority.

He Was Let Go after a Photo of the Incident Was Posted on Social Media

PHNOM PENH--A driver was fired by the Phnom Penh City Bus Authority for stopping the bus he was driving and urinating next to it. 

Cheng Chetra was laid off after a photo of him doing so was posted on Facebook. 

According to a Phnom Penh City Bus Authority press release issued Friday, Cheng Chetra was fired effective Friday for urinating on a bus tire at the intersection of Street 130 and Norodom Boulevard on Thursday.  

The city bus authority considered that his behavior had been undignified, showed bad manners, and a lack of respect for hygiene, public order and the beauty of Phnom Penh, the release said.

Most Facebook users said that firing Chetra was too harsh a punishment, and that administrative action such as a penalty and a lesson on appropriate behavior would have been sufficient. 

"As a citizen, I do not support terminating him," Luke Chakry wrote on the city bus Facebook page. “[The bus authority] should educate him first and ask him why do that.” Maybe the driver tried to wait but could no longer do so and had to relieve himself, Chakry wrote. 

Attempts Friday afternoon to reach the Phnom Penh City Bus Authority to ask about drivers’ schedules and rest periods were unsuccessful.     

Cheng Chetra could not be reached for comments. 

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