Govt takes steps to Reduce Air Pollution

PHNOM PENH— The Cambodian Royal Government kicked off start of the year by releasing directive on “measures to prevent and reduce air pollution,” according to press release. 

“Air Quality in Cambodia is good, but it is necessary for the Royal Government to take steps to prevent and reduce air pollution to ensure the people’s well-being,” Spokesperson for the Ministry of Environment, Neth Pheaktra stated yesterday. 

The directive will reportedly target sources of air pollution such as factor smoke (vehicle fuels), exhaust fumes (solid waste burning), forest fires and construction. 

The Ministry of Environment cited that Phnom Penh’s air quality is currently satisfactory with “its atmospheric particulate matter having a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers,” according to the Agence Kampuchea Presse press release, “Air pollution poses little to no risk if the PM2.5 is between 0-50”. However, there may still be “moderate health concerns” for small groups of people sensitive to air quality.

In 2018, the Environmental Performance Index ranked Cambodia as 164th out of 180 countries for Air Quality, with 1 being the best air quality in 180 being the worst.

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